Scheduling Information
2104-15 Official PIHL Schedule (PDF)
2104-15 Official PIHL Schedule (Excel)
Varsity AAA Scheduling Matrix
Varsity AA Scheduling Matrix
Varsity A Scheduling Matrix
Varsity B Scheduling Matrix
Varsity C Scheduling Matrix
JV-North Scheduling Matrix
JV-East Scheduling Matrix
JV-Southwest Scheduling Matrix
MS-Northwest Scheduling Matrix
MS-East Scheduling Matrix
MS-South Scheduling Matrix
Official 2014-15 PIHL Alignments
Scheduling Committee Report -- August 2014 BOG
Realignment Presentation -- April 2014 BOG
Admin Policies and Procedures 2014-2015
Playing Rules
2014-15 PIHL Playing Rules
2014-2015 PIHL Playing Rule Proposals
Proposals recommended by PIHL Executive Committee and Playing Rules Committee, to be voted on by the Board of Governors at the August BOG Meeting
PIHL On-Ice Rules Changes 2014-15
Helpful synopsis; does not replace the full listing of PIHL Playing Rules
PIHL OT-Curfew Guide
Playing Rule Proposal
Suspension Clarification Memo
Meeting Information
14 15 Rule Proposals Complete
2014 06 BOG Agenda
2014 2015 BOG Minutes
2014 August BOG Agenda
2014 August BOG Minutes
2014 November BOG Meeting Packet
2014 November BOG slides
2014 September BOG Agenda
BOG 12 13 Minutes Packet
BOG Meeting Minutes -- June 2014
EC 12 13 Minutes Packet
EC Minutes 13 14 Packet
Preseason League Operations presentation
September 2014 BOG slideshow
Commissioner To Coaches - October 2014
Email Distribution List Instructions
PIHL Security Procedures
2014 Class A All-Stars
2014 Class AA All-Stars
2014 Class AAA All-Stars
2014 Class OPEN All-Stars
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Post Season
2013 2014 PIHL Post Season Calendar
USA Hockey
2013-17 USAH Rulebook
Code of Conduct 2012
USA Hockey Form for PIHL Book
Consent to Treat 2012
USA Hockey Form for PIHL Book
USA Hockey Annual Guide 12_13
USA Hockey SafeSport Program Handbook
USAH Safe Sport Reporting Form
Rulings & Discipline
2014-15 Rulings
Discipline Hearing Schedule
League Rep Forms
PA Announcements Guide
How to Scoresheet Page 2
How to Scoresheet
League Rep Monthly Report
PIHL EMT Injury Form
PIHL Incident Report
PIHL Scoresheet Instructions
PIHL Sample Scoresheet 2014-15
Pointstreak Training
Preseason League Representatives presentation
Rink Addresses and Phones
Rink Captain Monthly Report
USA Hockey Locker Room Policy
Association Data 14 15 Multiples
This form is for associations with multiple teams in a division...i.e. 2 Middle School Teams. Completed Association Data forms are due by August 31st 2014. Please complete and email to
Association Data 14 15
Completed Association Data forms are due by August 31st 2014. Please complete and email to
2014 Preseason Book Check Dates
Credentials Verification
Please keep this form in your team book and complete as games are played. When sending you can actually type into this form and then attach to an email for verification for playoffs.
MS-Bantam Waiver
This MS-Bantam Waiver is a waiver must be used for ALL players on your Middle School team that have a 2001 birth year. This form must be completed and kept in your team book.
PIHL Roster Adjustment Form
PIHL Team Book Checklist
Used to properly assemble your Team Book
PIHL Team Roster
Proper PIHL Registration
Transfer explanation
Transfer Forms
Foreign Student Form
Transfer explanation
Transfer Form A
Transfer Form B
Declarations and OPEN App
2014 2015 Open Application
Please complete and submit the 14-15 OPEN application if you are applying for an OPEN team. Please only use the 14-15 version of the application.....To submit the application please do the following...1) Click the Submit OPEN App Data: 2)Click OK to send "Desktop Email App"; 3)Click Send Data File; 4) Click "SEND" on your email program. PLEASE REMEMBER the OPEN App is due by May 9th!
2014-2015 Declaration Form JV
Please use the Varsity, Junior Varsity or Middle School form to declare your Middle School, Junior Varsity or Varsity team for the 2014 2015 PIHL Season. Use one form for each team. Complete each form and return by Noon, May 14th 2014, to A $500.00 deposit is required for each team. The deposit is due no later than the May BOG meeting. Please mail the deposit to PIHL, PO Box 3342, McKeesport, PA 15134. The deposit will be credited to your account against your yearly assessments.
2014-2015 Declaration Form Middle School
2014-2015 Declaration Form Varsity
St. Margaret Fall Face-Off
St. Margaret Fall Face-Off Scores
St. Margaret Fall Face-Off Standings
St. Margaret Fall Face-Off Schedule
St. Margaret Fall Face-Off Pool Alignments
St. Margaret Fall Face-Off Tournament Rules
Event Information